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” Even though Wesley’s future on the series may be in question, one thing is not – his dedication to ending factory farming.

With the exit of star Nina Dobrev, many The Vampire Diaries fans are wondering what’s next for the show – and Dobrev’s costar Paul Wesley is right there with them.

Aren’t we all a little crazy in one way or another?

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And unless it’s part of some cute little joke, who wants to hear that, anyway?

She wants you to know how you measure up, even if the information she’s giving you isn’t true, and even if you don’t want to know it.

Any more than that and (unless she’s running a rescue operation out of her apartment) you’d best get to stepping.

But is Dobrev’s departure just the first of several to come, including Wesley’s himself?

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But if you can tell someone’s been unrolling all your socks and your desk drawers have been rummaged through…