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I am 70 years old, married with two children, worked as an electronics design draughtsman, until I resigned to become a self employed (freelance) web designer/adviser, and have a passion for computers and photography.

My wife is Fran Nicholls who assists in the day to day running of the site and also controls the accounts as well as having an input into the demonstrations.

At the very beginning of my career, I was a junior programmer on a team that developed software to control an electronics test station, used to diagnose problems with assorted components of jet fighters.

Part of my job was the requisite grunt work of doing the build, which entailed a compile-script, and the very manual procedure of putting all the necessary stuff onto a boot-loader tape to be used to build the 24 inch distribution disk arrays.

We started out with computers in the 1980s when I began writing articles on the ZX81 and ZX Spectrum for the computer magazines of the time.

I was also commissioned by Mc Graw-Hill to write two books on Z80 programming for the ZX Spectrum, Fran helped to produce the manuscripts for these books.The web was the next big attraction and once more I have become hooked, as you can no doubt tell, with CSS.This site has been around since 2005 and is now at the forefront of CSS development.’ on Wander with Jo (Feb 2017) Featured in ’20 social media marketing experts on the career advice they’d have given their younger selves’ on Kubix Media (Jan 2017) Featured #1 in ‘Top luxury travel blogs of 2016’ on Hello Travel (Jan 2017) Featured in ‘6 sensational luxury travel bloggers to follow’ on Mc Cool Travel (Dec 2016) Featured #1 in ‘Top 100 luxury travel blog list (ranked)’ on Feedspot (Nov 2016) Featured in ‘Worlds top 50 travel bloggers share their best money saving tips’ on Hotels Combined (Nov 2016) Featured in ’22 social media experts on building an engaged and loyal following’ on Kubix Media (Oct 2016) Interview in Bongyatra (Oct 2016) Featured in ‘Best family travel destinations worldwide’ in Full Suitcase (Oct 2016) Featured in ‘The top 10 most luxurious holiday destinations you can actually afford’ in The Sun (Oct 2016) Featured in ’11 useful travel tips you have never seen’ in Mc Cool Travel (Sep 2016) Shortlisted for Vuelio Blog Awards 2016 (Sep 2016) Featured in ‘The Million Dollar Blog’ book by Natasha Courtenay-Smith (Sep 2016) Featured in ‘What is luxury in Africa?’ on Aardvark Safaris (Aug 2016) Featured in ‘The ultimate travel tips from the experts’ in Salamander Voyages (Aug 2016) Featured in ’10 best places to visit in Asia (according to our readers)’ in Insight Guides (Aug 2016) Featured in ‘Top Thailand travel tips’ on Virgin HOlidays (Jul 2016) Featured in ‘Travel like the pros do: Summer travel itineraries’ on TRAVO (Jul 2016) Interview with Top UK travel bloggers share their most stylish UK hotels & restaurants recommendations (Jul 2016) Interview with We Said Go Travel (Jun 2016) Featured in ’74 Las Vegas travel tips’ in Vegas Unzipped (Jun 2016) Featured in ‘Trendsetters: Europe tips from the UKs top travel bloggers’ in Intrepid Travel (Jun 2016) Featured in ‘5 luxury travel destinations for those new to luxury travel’ in Travel Experts (May 2016) Featured in ‘Dr.This personal tale from Snoofle has all of my favorite ingredients for a WTF: legacy hardware, creative solutions, and incompetent management.