Eclipse validating xhtml

HTML Tidy is another option for validating pages, though it may not offer the exact same results as the W3C validator.

If they find invalid HTML or XHTML code – meaning code that does not follow the official rules, you might be removed from their indexes.

If there is an error on your web page code, robots will stop searching your whole websites content. Validation helps teach best practices Having standards-compliant code is the best practice for web design.

CDI Tools validation covers most of the problems defined in the CDI specification.

There are more than a hundred validation rules including definition errors and deployment problems.

The website validation process allows website designers to correct formatting errors that impact website performance and following international standards, the code used in websites is reduced in size while improving efficiency.

Because of this, web pages are displayed much faster and flow much better compared to websites that have not been validated 4.If you want your website to be visited by as many users as possible then accessibility should be a big factor. Validation help for easy Coding and Maintenance Websites or web pages that validate using W3C website validation have code formatted efficiently and are easy to edit and it helps website owners to create a new page or another new website with similar formatting.The validated code used in W3C HTML validation, W3C XHTML validation, or W3C CSS validation can be used in future sites. Validation as a debugging tool Validators tell you where you have errors in your code.He is fascinated by all things technology and has a passion for troubleshooting coding issues. Context and Dependency Injection (CDI) tooling allows you to easily add and work with the CDI programming model for your web-based applications.On the other hand, W3C validated websites are displayed without errors regardless of what browser is used.