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Pyrohy to Ukrainians is what fish and chips are to the British, or baguette to the French.

The filling used for pyrohy could use a wide variety of ingredients: potatoes, fried onions, cottage cheese, buckwheat flavored by fried onions and black pepper, boiled cabbage and sauerkraut.

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Pastries and cakes are also popular, but not very sweet.The cult of bread is well observed in Ukraine customs and rituals, at Ukrainian weddings, it is traditional to offer korovai, a special bread up to form a tall cylinder; during Christmas, a bread called Kolach is given to each member of the household; it is habitual to give guest and departing or arriving travellers the gift of loaf of bread and salt.As a country known to be the breadbasket of Europe, Ukraine has an abundance of good quality foods at reasonable prices.A large portion of food consumed in Ukraine is grown naturally by small farmers and is mostly organic.Most of the restaurants in Lviv and Kyiv have menus translated in English language.

There are several dishes that you will keep seeing on menus as a tourist traveling in Ukraine: Pyrohy, also known as varenyky and pierogi, is one of the staples in Western Ukraine.

Tips are appreciated; service is sometimes included in first-class restaurants and hotel bills.

As Ukrainians are extremely hospitable, their meals are served in very generous quantities. It is traditional to offer a drink to guests, usually many business deals are closed while drinking together.

Potatoes are mashed and mixed with raw grated potatoes with large quantities of spices and fried onions.

Sometimes holubtsi filling consists of potatoes and boiled buckwheat mix, or rice with minced meat, buckwheat and grated carrots.

government has approved export licenses to Ukraine, so this is nothing new,” Nauert said. exporters can apply for direct commercial sales licenses at any time and those are reviewed by the State Department on a case-by-case basis, she said.