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Yet this desire can cloud our judgment and lead to poor choices.

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(A waistcoat turned vest) The ex-girlfriend flapper remarks that she really likes the vest and randomly that she herself is a "Gasper" referring to a smoking habit.

“Men mess up and then we feel badly about it.” One of my best friends in graduate school used to say this.

This page is where we can discuss what that key word might be.

Visitors to this site often contact us when they can't remember the title of a period drama that they have seen.

The elder daughter takes a job as a secretary for a charming man who we find sleeping around with a floozy who looks like a 1920s flapper on drugs.

The elder daughter converts some of her father's old clothes into a new fashion for herself that she wears to the office.

Wanting to find a life partner, spouse, or someone whose shoulder to lean your head upon are a nearly universal desire.

Whether it’s the holiday season or Valentine’s Day or the magic of 4th of July fireworks, we know it’s the shared moments that are most special.

Below is a list of commonly encountered red flags that might want to make women think twice before pursuing or continuing such a romantic relationship. Does he show little interest in making reservations, getting creative with activities, or expect that you’ll do this for him?

While this article is written within a heterosexist frame, many of these same concerns can apply to same sex relationships as well. While it’s wonderful that women can approach and ask out a man without waiting for him to do it, there is also a delicate balance in the relationship. The investment factor seamlessly leads to an even more important type of initiative.

It’s natural that the speed of relationships progress as a function of many factors, one of them being age. On average however, dating in the later 20s to early 30s tends to make it somewhat more socially acceptable to ask these more serious questions earlier on. If you think he’s not emotionally invested, there is a good chance he’s not.