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Steinheil also made lenses for the Braun Paxette, with a 39mm diameter screw mount, not compatible with the Leica rangefinder because the flange to film distance and rangefinder coupling were different.The Prominar 7.5 cm and 7.3 cm f/3.5 have no manufacturer's name, and are almost identical to the Sun Sola 7.5 cm f/3.5.See also the lens made by a Taylor, Taylor & Hobson subsidiary THE NATIONAL OPTICAL COMPANY Marked Telesar, maker unknown.

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All the lenses in this list are genuine Leica mount lenses, or at least were advertised as such by reputable dealers.Today some merchants convert old and rare lenses into Leica mount.Kowa made two or perhaps three lenses in Leica screw mount, in very small quantities: The Prominar 7.5 cm f/3.5 and 7.3 cm f/3.5 for Leica dating from the late 1940s are not marked as made by Kowa. An Altanon 5 cm f/3.5 was also announced but perhaps never sold; it was certainly a continuation of the Lena-Q. Finally, the Neutar 50mm f/3.5 lens mounted on the Ricohl IIB normally has a slightly different screw mount, incompatible with the Leica, but at least one example is known in standard Leica mount. In the late 1990s, Ricoh made two lenses in Leica screw mount, in limited editions: Steinheil made some lenses in M39 mount.They are actually similar to the Sun Sola, and were certainly manufactured by Sun or its predecessor. It was essentially the optical range developed for their own Casca model. Some of these lenses also existed with a Tower engraving on the barrel, to be sold with a Sears Tower Leica copy.Please do not include these converted lenses in the list.

An incredibly long Fern-Achromat TE-N/PL 16/925mm f/16 has been sold by Auction Breker Köln on 01/10/2005.(Further, screwmount lenses by Meopta may at first appear to be for the Leica; however, these have 38mm screw thread and are instead for the Meopta Opema.) We will attempt to make a list of 39mm screw lenses.These are arranged alphabetically by company name, or by brand name when the manufacturer is unknown.They also made a rigid 2" f/2 Cooke Amotal Anastigmat lens for the Bell & Howell Foton camera.Some of them appear in Leica screw mount, due to Peerless(US) arranging for an Italian firm to mount them in rather crude Leica screw mounts so that they could fit them to Leica camera imports and undercut the Leica camera prices fixed by Leitz, who could only fix the prices of Leica cameras fitted with Leica lenses.Astro Berlin seems to have made some lenses with a genuine Leica mount.