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I woke up as we descended into Montreal and the flight attendant thanked me for being the easiest and most pleasant passenger on the plane.I smiled and replied "I'm in Las Vegas and LA a lot so text me if you want to have a cup of coffee." I handed her my CYN Suits business card and said to her, "Look at the website for one you like and I'll measure you personally to make sure it's a good fit." She grinned and said she would.There's a mortgage on it of about ,000 and I'll pay it off by the end of the year.

"That should hold you until tonight" she mused as she licked at my balls.

Holding hands we met everyone on the rooftop restaurant.

When I cleared customs in Montreal I was surprised to see Catherine and her entire family waiting for me. Isabella kissed me on the mouth again and Tom pumped my hand like I was his best friend.

I had carried a bag with me so we got into the SUV quickly and headed to the hotel for dinner.

Catherine had arranged for us to have adjoining rooms. She washed every inch of me, kissing me like she hadn't seen me in a month.

She put a shower cap on to keep her hair dry and as we showered together before dinner I gave her part one of my conversation with her ex. Seeing Catherine naked and her washing my back and front caused a sleeping giant to emerge.Then one morning I woke up and said I just have to go on.It was a little bit like that movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks.I filled them in on my clients and what was going in those companies. I also did not share in front of the girls that I had met with their dad (Catherine's ex) or leased the house or bought the two view lots.After dinner, Isabella took the girls to the hotel gift shop and Tom, Catherine and I had another glass of wine, finishing the second bottle and enjoying the view.He reaches an understanding about what he has to do, twice in the movie.