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The first number in this series refers to the tyre's section width, or distance from sidewall edge to sidewall edge (in millimeters) when measured up and over the tyre's tread.

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A DOT tyre code of "127" indicates the tire was made on the 12th week of the seventh year of the decade.But it's difficult to know whether that was 1997 or even 1987.Below are tips and information to help you learn how to read tyre size and other tyre markings commonly seen worldwide including South Africa.The tyre numbers in the above example tell us that the tyre is 185 millimeters wide.An "H" speed rating signifies that this tyre can be run safely at speeds of up to 210 kph for extended periods. Listed above is a complete list of the various tyre speed ratings, and their associated letters.

The "Z" rating used to be the highest rating for tyres having a maximum speed capability greater than 240 kph, but as tyre technology improved, it is was ultimately split into the "W" and "Y" rating.This number can be very indicative of a tyre's purpose.Lower numbers, like 55 or less, mean a short sidewall for improved steering response and better overall handling.Aspect Ratio is the ratio of the sidewall height to the section width.The sidewall height of the example tyre above is 60% of its section width.The larger the number, the higher the load capacity.