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While I knew it was a category in South Africa, I wasn’t prepared for someone black to call me that.  He and Ilaunched into a long conversation about the term. I felt perfectly comfortable hanging out with my Zim boyfriend, but, I noticed when we would walk into Primi Piatti in Rosebank or News Cafe in Rivonia, people would stare.

Not only are borders disappearing but there are brown and black Germans, people who find these things just as offensive as an politically correct, uber-sensitive American such as myself.

Many claim they don’t hear criticisms coming from the inside, I would argue that they aren’t exactly listening and simply don’t want to.

Hell, even Americans have a hard time discerning what is racist and what is not and supposedly we wrote the book.

The problem is that many believe racism is an American anomaly and when they envision racism they picture active violence, flagrant misuse and abuse towards a certain group. Pertuating archetypes that present an entire race as inferior imbeciles, dehumanzing an entire race of people to some one dimensional shade of grease paint and using a white German for a role because you simply don’t think a non-ethnic German can do a good enough job are all manifestations of racist sentiments.

How do you suspect that the same image of black people that disseminated across America is still common place globally and dancing like an idiot around Santa Claus?

Europe can no longer seek shelter in their “this isn’t America” cocoon.

Across Africa, when speaking with European men, I encounter the mentality that I as an American am more one of them (Euro) than(locals).

Yes, it may be true when speaking of some Judeo-Christian holidays or democratic values.

Act accordingly by accepting that people find it offensive and change. , that’s your privilege as a member of the majority culture!

Painting one’s skin or mimicking ethnic traits of a minority as a general rule of thumb is not cool. In many instances these “portrayals” of dark skinned people are the only depictions of minorities that some people will ever see.

As soon as he qualified for his citizenship he wanted a divorce.