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→ Comparison formulas also make use of Excel’s logical functions, so see “Adding Intelligence with Logical Functions,” p. The two types of formulas that I discussed in the previous sections, arithmetic formulas and comparison formulas, calculate or make comparisons and return values. Text formulas use the ampersand (&) operator to work with text cells, text strings enclosed in quotation marks, and text function results.One way to use text formulas is to concatenate text strings. → For other uses of text formulas, see Chapter 7, “Working with Text Functions.” The reference operators combine two cell references or ranges to create a single joint reference.

It’s a good idea to know the limits Excel sets on various aspects of formulas and worksheet models, even though it’s unlikely that you’ll ever bump up against these limits.Formula limits that were expanded in Excel 2007 remain the same in Excel 2013.So if you’re coming to Excel 2013 from Excel 2003 or earlier, Table 3.1 shows you the updated limits.refers to the number of expressions that are nested within other expressions using parentheses; see “Controlling the Order of Precedence,” p. Entering a new formula into a worksheet appears to be a straightforward process: Excel divides formulas into four groups: arithmetic, comparison, text, and reference.Anna Ma is a data recovery expert in Data Numen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including repair Word docx data error and outlook repair software products.

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This is handy if you have a very long formula because it enables you to “break up” the formula so that it appears on multiple lines.

To create a line break within a formula, press Alt Enter.

This is actually a good practice to get into because separating the elements of a formula in this way can make them much easier to read.

Note, too, that Excel also accepts line breaks in formulas.

Some incorrect behavior will cause permanent damage to your essential files.