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Does Moulton maintain a, ‘I’ll do a favor for you and you do me a favor when needed’ relationship with Chamberlain (a former Scarborough Police Officer)?

Not once did De Troy or Dyer sue Doyle to dispute any on the hundreds of pages of documents on that site.

When other lawyers would question De Troy (alleged to have traded sex for legal services for years in his offices at Norman, Hanson, and De Troy) on why he didn’t sue to force Doyle to take down the site, De Troy always replied, “The last place I want to be is in a courtroom with Doyle.” Then we have the infamous letter from De Troy to Superior Court Judge Paul Fritsche (see below) who heard the Post Conviction Review.

The Forecaster did NO research on their own to verify that an opposing precedent even existed. The Forecaster should stop pretending to report news and stick to school sports, the police log, and where to get your dog washed. You need to remember that his second wife Cammy was an underage high school senior at SHS when Moulton was the school’s Resource Officer and dating her.

Perhaps they could get a more competent reporter from the 8th grade English class. When she turned 18 and graduated from high school they got married.

His large 0 signs were stolen and smaller ones “were covered in feces and thrown on his front lawn.” Babine didn’t think these actions reflected the true residents of Scarborough. These actions likely reflect the actions of those citizens of Scarborough that know Babine VERY well and treat him with the same respect he has for his office. During this fiasco perpetrated by the Council and the Scarborough Police Dept. On the largest setting it dug into the reporter’s right wrist, causing a deep welt, and pinching the nerves for the hand and thumb, see the medical report below. while Town Management turns a blind eye to the misconduct. of the Mass State Police was forced to resign due to interfering in official investigative reports. They ran out of donuts by , and out of bagels at that day.

under the control of Chief Robbie Moulton, (forced to move out of town, to Gray, because of reported domestic violence complaints at his former Scarborough house) the reporter was physically abused by Sgt. Sources report that Chief Moulton called a Cape Police Officer, Andrew Steindl, directly, and personally, to request that the Cape Officer drop the O. People came from far and wide with cellphones, computers, and tablets to huddle around wall outlets to charge and use their devices.” To be clear this letter arrived months after Doyle was released and he believes this was De Troy’s way of bragging about screwing his own client without any consequences for his deceit.Would this type of misconduct be too outside of the norm for a lawyer getting women to perform oral sex on him and to have intercourse with him in his office in exchange for legal services? Another example of lack of any small amount of research by Melanie or the Forecaster in general while quoting the Maine Supreme court ruling against Doyle in the suit over phone calls by Barbara Powers, former superintendent of schools in Falmouth, on her town paid for cellphone. 735 (1979) individuals have no “legitimate expectation of privacy” regarding the telephone numbers they dial because they knowingly give that information to telephone companies when they dial the number.The cell tower north of the shopping center was offline and from the Dunkin on Rt. Those who needed to gas up had the Irving Station but no Waldo station.Reports came in to news central (Dunkin) that no stations north of the Falmouth Irving had power to pump gas.Voters too busy to know whom they’re voting for this past week recently reelected Chairman Babine. The difference is Moulton hasn’t been forced to resign, YET!