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For longer cable lengths add our USB 3.0 Active Extension Cable to achieve total cable length of 30 feet.

For the best performance we recommend an i7 processor running at 3.5Ghz or faster, and a high speed graphics card with dedicated video ram.Actual capture speeds will depend on your computer system and may be less than sited. To reduce credit card fraud we request that all INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS USE PAYPAL and a confirmed shipping address. If you wish to place an international order using a credit card directly on our site, please email, call, or chat with us to find out how you can confirm your identity.High Definition, Indoor Light Sensitivity, and High Speed... This camera offers the best mix of features, including a low-lux color sensor, blazing fast shutter and wide angle lens.The USB 3.0 version of this camera draws power from the USB3.0 cable.However, it appears that the Gay VN Awards have been discontinued; the last award year was 2010.

Originally, the awards show was part of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, but it grew and garnered more attention over time, allowing it to be established as a separate event in the 1990s.These fast HD video cameras feature high speed CMOS sensors, blazing fast shutters and wide angle lens. Speed increases can be achieved by reducing either the horizontal or vertical resolution (most cameras only increase in speed with smaller vertical resolutions).This 720p high definition (1280x720) camera records at 60FPS over long ethernet cables!Use these custom Fiber Optic cables to extend the reach of any high speed USB 3.0 camera far beyond the typical 15' limit.These cables allow you to enjoy true high speed video (faster than any GIGE camera can provide) over very long cable lengths.Power is carried over the cable as well, making this the only single-cable solution for long distance high speed video solutions.