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Despite employing early intervention, monitoring academic progress, differentiating instruction, adding career-themed curricula, reconfiguring middle and high schools to create smaller classes, and emphasizing high standards with high-stakes tests, graduation rates in urban areas remain abysmal.

For example, New York State Department of Education statistics show that 45 percent of high school students in the "big four" cities of upstate New York graduate four years after starting high school versus about 85 percent in the suburbs (Loudon & Mc Lendon, 2007).

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The frequent "subliminal" messages of sex and violence purveyed through print and electronic media are now so overt that our airwaves are filled with violent and sexually exploitative television shows, movies, words, actions, titles, and video games.Although Father Knows Best was a thing of the past even in 1988, we were still a long way from Fox's Who's Your Daddy?They spend most of the day communicating with each other, thinking about each other, scheming against each other, and judging each other.When they are antagonistic, they expend as much if not more time and energy trying to outsmart each other and win, or at least achieve a standoff.I'll never succeed I try my best; it's not good enough Why do I bother so I leave in a huff!

For at least the 10 decades between the writings of Dr.These troublesome activities are often experienced in the home by our most difficult students.Our observations and experiences tell us that somewhere between 70 and 90 percent of discipline problems have their root causes in places outside school—the aforementioned issues as well as others, including dysfunctional families and drug and alcohol abuse.There was no Internet back then offering chat rooms filled with whatever you want, whenever you want it, or blogs from people spouting any crazy message.For all the legal advances we have made in gender, racial, and sexual preference equality, the problems of bullying are at least as bad as they have always been and have even taken new forms, such as cyberbullying.I wish I was happy, I wish school was great I'm 16 years old and you said "it's too late!