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Ok, at this stage I was totally unaware of what she was into, but her aroma around her dining table that night left me in little doubt that she was into something very sexual, and I think it safe to say it involved my presence.

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I was online one night, desperately horny, a white heterosexual man looking through profile after profile of available women determined to find someone to meet - that night, if I possibly could - did I say I was HORNY?!

I long ago realised that in order to get what you want, you have to be ready to give, and then to give some more ...

and I wanted to give whatever I could to a woman who might in anyway appreciate it.

My cock had been hard most of the night, and in this situation it was quite apprehensive, not knowing if it was cumming or going and certainly not 100% hard.

I'm not exhibitionist by nature, but felt I had no choice but to stand and ease down my pants.

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Pushing through my own doubts when I arrived outside her place, I was greeted by a very large woman, not unattractive, just big.

Her hands and arms were big and they seemed strong more than fat.

"Wow, maybe she was feeling overwhelmed and horny as well?