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Dante continued to work his way into Sonny's good graces and earned his trust.

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In the meantime, Dante began a relationship with Lulu Spencer.Lulu was unaware that Dante was an undercover cop and tried to keep Sonny's foot soldier at arm's length.Dante gained Sonny's trust so deeply that Sonny offered Dante his business upon his retirement.Michael overheard the conversation and felt he was being passed over.Carly and her baby were rescued from the cabin, but Claudia was nowhere to be found.

Everyone presumed Claudia was dead and Sonny was responsible.

After Dante witnessed his mother and Sonny growing closer, he remained steadfast in his investigation.

Franco continued his game with Jason and kidnapped Lulu from the Crimson office.

Detective for the Port Charles Police Department Former bouncer at a brothel in Jacksonville, FL Formerly on a special FBI task force to shut down organized crime in Port Charles Former NYPD police officer Formerly assigned to guard Brenda Barrett [20] Olivia Falconeri (mother) Sonny Corinthos (biological father) Mike Corbin (paternal grandfather) Adela Corinthos (paternal grandmother; deceased) Talia Falconeri (maternal grandmother) Michael Corinthos III (paternal half-brother; via adoption) Kristina Davis (half-sister) Morgan Corinthos (half-brother) Baby Girl Mc Call (half-sister; stillborn) Avery Jerome (half-sister) Theresa Falconeri (maternal great-aunt) Vito Falconeri (maternal uncle) Ric Lansing (paternal uncle) Courtney Matthews (paternal aunt; deceased) Molly Lansing (paternal cousin) Spencer Cassadine (paternal cousin) Violetta Falconeri (maternal first cousin, once removed) Connie Falconeri (maternal first cousin, once removed; deceased) Tommy (maternal cousin) Unborn child (miscarriage with Lulu, via surrogate Maxie Jones; deceased) Connie Falconeri (raised as his daughter with Lulu until Damien Spinelli and Maxie Jones were revealed to be the parents; Connie's name was later changed to Georgie) [Born Aug 21, 2013] Rocco Falconeri (son, with Lulu, via surrogate Britt Westbourne; previously named Ben) [Born Sep 9, 2013] Unnamed child (embryo, with Lulu Falconeri) Helped cover up the death of Aleksander Janacek [2007; flashback 2010] Held in police custody after evidence linked him to several attacks on women (Delores Padilla released Dante and it was later revealed that Ronnie Dimestico had framed him) [Apr 30, 2012] Sustained a concussion at age ten Suffered a broken arm in high school Shot during ambush in woods [Jun 2009] Hospitalized after being hit by a car while trying to save Morgan [Sep 9, 2009] Shot by Sonny Corinthos and critically wounded with a bullet lodged near his spine [Jan 29, 2010] Drugged by Brook Lynn [Aug 17, 2010] Beat up by thugs at a brothel in Jacksonville, Florida [Jul 15, 2011] Shot in the back at Sonny's coffee warehouse by Anthony Zacchara and required surgery to remove a bullet from his lungs [Sep 23, 2011] Hit over the head and rendered unconscious by Stavros Cassadine [Mar 21, 2013] Latex/fruit allergy [revealed Feb 3, 2014] Rendered temporarily unconscious by Victor Cassadine [Sep 3, 2014] Rendered temporarily unconscious after being pushed down a flight of stairs and hit over the head with a crowbar by Luke Spencer [Jan 29, 2015] Dante was the love child of teenaged Olivia Falconeri and Sonny Corinthos.

Olivia kept Dante's paternity a secret to protect him from a life in the mob.

Lulu continued to slip in and out of consciousness and remembered a previous conversation where she had overheard Dante was a cop.