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When you feel left out and all alone, just try to close your eyes for a moment and think of me.

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I sent an angel to watch over you last night while you were sleeping.

When I say good morning, it means I'm thinking of you.

Reporter: How does it feel to become a millionaire?

While walking down the street, I heard an old man say "I've been in love with the same woman for almost 50 years now." I was touched until I heard him say "I wish she knew." Bakit exciting ang text?

Other Text Messages I read on the newspaper that sending text messages causes a radiation that is cancerous.

That's why I have decided to stop - to stop reading newspapers.

Cute is the one who sent this and feeling cute is the one reading this.

What is the difference between cute and feeling cute?

The Pinoy politician does not fail to smile in front of the camera.

This message was sent exclusively for the handsome and the beautiful.

Wife: Did the priest tell you to be so romantic like this? What do you do when you see an extremely cute person?