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This domain has it all in terms of brandability or buying to sell to an end user business.The domain: Your brand name is your public identity and the single most important business decision to attract customers, identify your business sector or niche, foster goodwill and have people remember your business to return as repeat customers again and again.Go here to learn more about Mc Afee's support tools; including online and phone support.

is a business name available to purchase, for sale on Think a social network, a messaging app, a dating service, a club, a forum, a website, a blog or countless other niches.I posted a couple of days ago about a new client who is using Mc Afee.I went back on Tuesday just to finish off and came across a bit of a weird problem This particular PC didn’t have any anti-virus loads so i installed Virus Scan 8 I configured it to point to a share to check for definition updates and fired it up and got this My initial thought was that i’d enter the UNC details wrong so i checked that and it was fine.Even Jesus took the time to step away from his ministry, get a good nap in, and do some praying.

If he set boundaries, then we definitely need to also.

An online brand is like virtual real estate and there is only one address with this brand name which potentially can be yours to own exclusively.

If this was a prime physical premises on the main shopping strip you wouldn’t hesitate to buy at this low price.

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A perfect business name available for purchase for a startup business, a product, software, an App, a website, a blog an online shop or traditional business.

I then realised that if i’d entered the UNC wrong it would have fallen back to the HTTP or FTP repository….something else was going on here!