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This cornerstone is only one of the many reminders of President Lincoln that are preserved by the school.

There is a steel engraving of the Lincoln family when Lincoln was in office, and one of the President himself, both presented to the school by Fred Foss. An engraving of the national monument in the Soldiers’ National Cemetery, which was dedicated by President Lincoln with his famous Gettysburg Address, is also in the collection.

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On the lower level, a new swimming pool and boys' locker room were constructed.The old swimming pool was converted to classroom space, but the old gymnasiums are still in use.Abraham Lincoln High School, usually referred to simply as Lincoln High School or Lincoln, is a secondary school located in Des Moines, Iowa, United States.It is one of five secondary schools under the district of the Des Moines Public Schools, and was named after the 16th United States president Abraham Lincoln.All freshman classes are held at RAILS academy (formally known as Kurtz Junior High building).

On the opposite side of Bell Avenue are two student parking lots, tennis courts, a general practice field, and Hutchens Metro Stadium (home to football and track events). Drama – The Drama Department has won awards, especially in the area of IHSSA.

The cornerstone of the old Lincoln School, which used to be at Ninth and Mulberry Streets, has been set as a memorial on the Lincoln High lawn.

It was presented to the school with appropriate ceremonies when the old school was demolished.

The school sports team is named after one of President Lincoln's nicknames, the "Rail Splitter" (the "Lincoln Railsplitters" or "Rails").

Their mascot is typically a senior at the school or a recent alumni dressed up as Abraham Lincoln.

The old "small gym" occupies the second and third levels in the main concourse (with the entrance on the second level).