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I’ve also dealt with a lot of men of all astrological signs.So I decided to write my own gay astrological guide.

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Bad Points: Geminis, especially younger ones who haven’t calmed down, can be moody bitches. If you love a Cancer man you better be about family and creating a good home. They are also sensitive and don’t like a lot of drama.

Cancer men are also amazing lovers who know how to take their time and please a partner. Still waters also run deep — they are sensitive and emotional but may hide it from their partners or have problems communicating their wants and needs. LEO (August 22-September 21) Good points: You better be rested to keep up with a Leo.

This short attention span also makes them more likely to come on strong at the beginning of a relationship and then disappear, leaving you wondering “What the fuck just happened here? Also, do not embarrass them or take their quietness for being a pushover.

” Although they come across as confident their egos can be quite fragile and they need a lot of stroking, which can be tedious to friends and partners. TAURUS (April 22-May 21) Good points: Taurus men are strong, self-assured and confident. You could end up with a bull’s horns up your ass and believe me the experience will not be pleasurable.

Gay Gemini men talk alot and even when they are older have an air of youth about them. CANCER (June 22-July 21) Good Points: Cancer men are good at relationships.

Sexually Geminis are game — they are imaginative and giving lovers who will try anything once and tell you all about it. They are eternal romantics and although they may play around they really want just one.They love good sex and enjoy pleasing their partners.They also bring a lightness and casualness to sex that is welcome — it’s all about having a good time.Gay Virgo men are usually successful in the profession they choose and are hard workers. They are ruled by the planet Venus so sex is very important to them. Oh, and that holier-than-thou attitude can be a front.Sexually they might not be the freakiest but they bring passion to their game. Behind the scenes undeveloped Virgos can be some of the biggest sluts around — they just keep their stuff on the down-low.And their sensitivity can also be their downfall if they waste it on unscrupulous people who don’t deserve their kindness. Scorpios dig in and keep trying and striving, despite the obstacles that life throws. The Zodiac sign lives up to the hype — they really do throw good sex. Scorpios take the time to size you up and get into your head and discover that kink that really turns you on. Bad points: Scorpios tend to live inside their heads, which can make them secretive and hard to understand.