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Even light-skinned black people thought she was white. Biany Perez, 31, loves Michael Jackson but she doesn't know the Jackson Five.

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But she was intrigued by those whose identity was not always apparent. Your take on black in America One drop was codified in the 1920 Census and became pervasive as courts ruled on it as a principle of law. Blay, a dark-skinned daughter of Ghanian immigrants, had always been able to clearly communicate her racial identity.It equals black plus white." She calls herself black.But other people think she is from India or the Middle East, especially in her academic work environment, where she does not have black colleagues. Ultimately, she believes environment plays a big role in identity. One reason may be that her sister has more of a button nose.Fair-skinned, blue-eyed Cross was raised in a diverse community.

Later, she found herself in situations where she felt shunned by black people.

Black and white California author Kathleen Cross, 50, remembers taking a public bus ride with her father when she was 8.

Her father was noticeably uncomfortable that black kids in the back were acting rowdy.

"I never wanted to distance myself from my black ancestors," says the creative writing graduate student at Dillard University.

"They are the ones who claim me." In her light skin, Robinson understands the insidious ways of colorism, a system in which light skin is valued more than dark skin.

Blackness, she says, isn't so easily defined by words.