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And then one night I actually made out with a girl just a few minutes after meeting her.

A mere make-out is not a big deal, but to a video game and poker addict like myself I thanked the gods for letting me stumble on this game stuff.

If you're interested in meeting more women than you are now, I think you'll enjoy the information I'm about to share.

I've been told to fuck off, I've had drinks thrown on me, I've been punched by women, and I've been threatened by their guy friends.

While learning I've had it all happen to me, but as the years went by the jigsaw puzzle of my game was being put together piece by piece, until finally I got to the point where I could wake up, look at myself in the mirror, and be completely content with my sex life. I'd write down lines and moves and then go out and try them out.

But it did take a while, and I definitely can't say that I was a natural at it.

If you see me picking up a girl in a coffee shop or a bar today maybe you'd say I look like a natural, but that's because I have already learned the concepts and put them into practice after years of obsessive dedication.

I approached women in bars and clubs with the lines that I had memorized and soon I was getting phone numbers and email addresses.

Some of them were fake but just a couple months prior I didn't know it was even possible to meet women like that.

Even though my mom tells me how much of a player he was in college, he never passed that crucial knowledge on to me when I desperately needed it in school.

My mom filled the void by hammering into my head that the key to success with women was to buy gifts and always be a gentleman.

I was so clueless with women that if you had put a naked girl on my lap I wouldn't have known what to do with her.

One of my supposed friends would incessantly tease me about not being able to "get laid in a brothel," and looking back it wasn't far from the truth.

It was really hard to find a strong signal in all the noise, so half of my time was weeding out a bunch of junk advice that today I'm certain was invented without any proper field testing.