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Rose ceremony: The rose ceremony came after a cocktail party. stepped out and left because she never had any feelings for a guy.

Airdate: August 4, 2014 Arrival Order: Clare, Marcus, Sarah, Marquel, Daniella, Graham, Lacy, Ben, Michelle K., Robert, Dylan, Elise and Ash Lee.Chris Harrison asked everyone if they were single and Michelle K. Throughout the first day, Lacy went into the ocean with Robert and Marcus in an 8-hour span.Over the next few years, he became a Bachelor fan favorite making appearances on two other shows with ABC but shifted his focus to Country Radio in 2014 by joining the best country radio station in America, Go Country 105..In October 2014, he became the host of Graham in the Mornings on Go Country 105, Southern California’s #1 Country Station.During the date, Michelle Money joined the cast in Mexico. arrived with a date card and took Marquel, they went horseback riding on a beach in Playa del Carmen.

Lacy's date: Lacy took Robert on a date and they had dinner on a beach.

Sarah and the others expressed their concern to Elise about being careful with Chris and not getting too serious too fast. Many of the women thought that was a very nice gesture. He asked a few other girls, but none of the women would go out with him (recalling how badly he had upset Emily Maynard in The Bachelorette (season 8). Ash Lee continued to stand in the Rose Ceremony room and did not follow Graham. Airdate: August 26, 2014 Christy: Christy shows up with a date card and asks Zack to go with her, but he turns her down. Jesse didn't seem concerned by this, saying later that he had fun and he knew there would be lots of emails and party invitations waiting for him when he got home. Lacy and Marcus and Michelle and Cody came back convinced that they should remain as couples.

Ash Lee: Ashlee asked Graham to go on her date with her. Ash Lee started talking about living together and Graham asked her to not put pressure on forever anymore. Feeling certain that he would be eliminated later at the Rose Ceremony, he decided to go by himself and enjoy it rather than pass the card, creating the show's first "one on none" date. The date is a little awkward at first, but gets better toward the end. Before the Rose Ceremony, Ash Lee said disrespectful things about Clare to Zack and her remarks were caught on camera. After seeing a medic, Graham returned and accepted the rose from Ash Lee. However, Sarah complained that there was little intimacy on their date.

Marcus's Date: Marcus took Lacy on a date and they had dinner in Zcaret.

During the date Elise did what Dylan requested which was hooking up with Chris in the ocean, they had a conversation about this the next day and Dylan told Elise if she offered him a rose, he would reject it.

She went into the ocean while Marcus went in there by himself feeling rejected over bachelorette Andi Dorfman.