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"Everyone in this community has worked very hard for what you see today." Wolfe says his future may not include a television show, but it will always involve a search for stuff that others have tucked away.I was on this raft, and I went way too far out, and I couldn't get back in. Retrieved 26 September They were probably pretty used to watching me do stupid stuff by then.

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But it's his creation of Antique Archeology and "American Pickers", the History Channel program that made his business famous, that had had the biggest impact on the city.

He says "heritage tourism" is putting Le Claire on the map.

But since I'm going to be in Miami, I want to do something exciting. Similarly, she is also known for being a burlesque dancer.

My dude's name is Alexandre, he is an artist, he also is a brilliant man who designed the blueprints for the Michelin Museum in France as well as many other structures there.

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When Mike Wolfe bought his house in Leiper’s Fork, it might have been the first time in his long career as a “picker” that he didn’t try to negotiate the price."I've got a 4 1/2 year old little girl who wants me at home," he says."You know, 51 years old with a four year old, do the math.Wolfe will voice some of the video exhibits that will be featured.The state honored Wolfe by proclaiming August 20, 2016 "Mike Wolfe Day" throughout Iowa. "We’re looking for large private collections for the guys to dig through all day long," according to a release.