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Don Grant from "Out of the Woods" for the design and painting of the wooden sign.Richard Brown from JJM Road Maintenance for the placement of the sign.Called "Arbutus Bay" in 1973 by property owner and developer Paula Buchholz, whose self-titled company Arbutus Bay Estates Ltd subdivided parcels here, and continues to maintain guest/rental cottages.

In 1794 Captain George Vancouver camped on Georgina Point where his crew left a coin and a knife found over a century later by early settlers. Miners Bay owes its name to the adventurers bound for the Cariboo Gold Rush of 1858, the halfway stop between Vancouver Island and the mouth of the Fraser River.In the 1850's, Captain George Richards of the Royal Navy began surveying the area aboard H. During the late 1800s Mayne Island was both the commercial and social centre of the Gulf Islands.Don Mc Dougall Deacon Vale Farm Background This project was taken on by Jeanine Dodds on behalf of the Mayne Island Community.The idea came from Mildred Emmett's oral history (available at the Mayne Island Library) where she stated that it was unfortunate no place names existed to recognize the early Japanese settlers.The Springwater Lodge is the oldest continuously operated hotel in British Columbia.

Built in 1892, The Springwater was originally a private home.

Marie Elliot's 1984 book "Mayne Island & The Outer Gulf Islands, A History" (page 27), mentions that the first community hall in the outer islands was erected in Miner's Bay, "circa 1899 -- the precise date is uncertain".

(This book can be obtained through Miner's Bay Books - 250 539-3112) June 1885.

At the head of the Government Wharf in Miners Bay, the owner began to offer rooms for lodgers by 1895.

It started out as a boarding house for miners, thus the name of the community in which it is located. Located at Fernhill and Minty Roads in Miner's Bay Village (beside the thrift store). The Agricultural Hall is the focal-point for island society 90 years ago, and is still today.

Shea Morgan from Galiano Island for his input on the agricultural theme.