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Hi, my name is Omar Echevers and I am a product specialist on the Harmony team.

Although this is my first time on the blog, I plan to be back frequently (along with my colleague, Dane Kalinic – you’ll get to meet him soon) with tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Logitech Harmony remote.

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However, current rates of investment are not enough to achieve the desired outcome.

The CO2 emission intensity of the global economy would need to be reduced by 85 percent in 35 years.

To manually configure the USB drivers, refer to this article. 64-bit Mode Has Been Enabled The USB drivers for the Harmony 900/1000/1100 remotes are not compatible with 64-bit mode and therefore will not allow the remote to communicate with the Harmony remote software.

If you have enabled 64-bit mode on your Mac, you will need to boot your Mac into 32-bit mode.

The UK is in fifth position in the table which assesses policy actions taken by EU states to meet Europe’s pledge of a 40% cut in carbon emissions by 2030.

Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain and Italy are judged to be propping up the league, due to their support for forestry and carbon accounting dodges that weaken the greenhouse gas reduction effort.We’ve heard from a number of customers who are having problems with updating their Harmony 900, 1000 or 1100 remote on Mac Snow Leopard (10.6), so that’s the topic I’d like to tackle today.If you’ve experienced this issue, you probably saw the following message displayed on your Harmony remote software when you tried to update your remote: There are 3 possible causes which could be preventing your Harmony 900, 1000 or 1100 from communicating with the Harmony remote software. Firewall is Enabled The firewall included as part of the OS will interfere with the communication between the remote and Harmony software.The decision followed a long and bitter struggle to protect the Central American country’s diminishing water sources from polluting mining projects.Campaigners holding banners with the now famous “No to mining, yes to life” slogan celebrated inside and outside the legislative assembly in the capital, San Salvador.Once complete, force the Harmony app to close on your mobile device and then relaunch it.