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Catch it right outside the arrivals hall and get off in Kowloon or on Hong Kong Island.Hotel shuttles and taxis are easy to find – follow signposts.

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Sit in the front row up on top and push your eyeballs back in their sockets as the bus lurches, albeit smoothly, around sharp bends revealing miles of coastline and azure seas.For an introduction to the real Hong Kong there really is no better way than to trundle the length of the tram line, which runs along the northern edge of Hong Kong Island.Trams, buses and the shiny, user-friendly MTR (Mass Transit Railway) all take change or a quick swipe of the city’s rechargeable electronic-payment Octopus smart cards (used to pay for virtually all public transport as well as convenience-store, supermarket and fast-food purchases). There’s no change returned – so do carry lots of coins, or get an Octopus card.Pick up one of these at the Airport Express counter when you arrive or from MTR counters. Buses are a convenient way to get around, when it’s not rush hour.From its neon lights to rolling hills, Hong Kong is a treasure trove of delicious eats, cultural delights and ace nightlife.

Whether you’ve lived here for years or are fresh off the plane, there’s always something new to discover! Save this link and show them the best of what the 852 has to offer – we’re making the most of this place we call home with our ultimate bucket list. – Order a grilled cheese at one of Hong Kong’s hidden bars – Bet on a horse at the Happy Valley Races – Suffer through a jello shot at Stormies – Sip with a view at one of Hong Kong’s rooftop bars – Party ‘til the sun comes up at Dusk ‘til Dawn – Agree to karaoke () – Chow down at Andy’s Fried Rice at 4am in Wan Chai – Order ‘Hong Kong’s cheapest pint’ at Beer Bay – Party on a tram – Dress up and experience the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens – Duck in to one of these late night eateries on your way home – Drink beer from a bowl at Tung Po in Java Road Cooked Food Centre – Suffer through a killer Hong Kong hangover – Go for seafood on Lamma Island – Drink your weight in bubbles at brunch – Order egg waffles (– Try Hong Kong’s ‘best Dan Tart’ at Tai Cheong Bakery – Try bubble tea – Order off of a dim sum trolley at City Hall – Book in for afternoon tea at The Peninsula – Chow down on Chinese favourites at a Dai Pai Dong – Brave Chungking Mansion for a curry – Try the tofu dessert at Honeymoon Dessert – Eat at one of Hong Kong’s Michelin Starred Restos ( – Settle in for a beer at one of HK’s beach bars – Slurp late night ramen at Ichiran – Cook your own meal at a Korean barbecue joint – Go to a traditional ‘Cha Chaan Teng’ for milk tea and pineapple buns – Try your hand at a traditional Cantonese cooking class – Have lunch at Tai O Fishing Village – Have your dinner cooked by fishermen on a sampan in the Typhoon Shelter – Try snake soup ( – Go for a picnic at Victoria Peak Gardens – Ride a bike on Cheung Chau – Set sail around the harbour on the Aqua Luna – Walk around the wetlands – Take the morning trail up to The Peak – Party like a rockstar on a junk – Hike up 200 steps to see the Giant Buddha () – Take a sampan to Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant – Kayak around Middle Island – Join a Dragon Boating Team – Take in the view from ‘The Smiler’ at Ocean Park – Cool off in a hotel swimming pool – Watch the harbourfront fireworks at (Chinese) New Year – Foster a dog – Lend a hand in a beach clean up – Haggle at the Ladies Market – Scuba dive off Lantau – Pick strawberries at one of Hong Kong’s organic farms – Brave ‘the world’s highest’ bungee jump in Macau – Go camping in Tai Long Wan – Book in for yoga class amongst the sky scrappers in Tamar Park – Go surfing at Big Wave Bay – Bag a bargain at Tung Chung Outlet Centre – Take the train and shop ’til you drop in Shenzhen – Split a bottle of wine and head to Red Bar to watch the light show at ICC – Ride the Star Ferry to Kowloon and back – Tackle The Twins and reward yourself with a beer in Stanley afterwards – Hike to the top of Sunset Peak and stay overnight in a hut – Conquer a section of The Wilson Trail – Go cliff jumping in the New Territories – Go squid fishing with your friends and cook what you catch on board – Spend your weekend at the beach – Go Paddle boarding in Stanley – Escape the city with a beach retreat – Explore PMQ in Central – Make a wish and bang the drum at Man Mo Temple.If your deep and buried mean streak needs satisfying, why not slap a curse on your mortal enemies, or the boss?No, we’ve not been reading too much ) on Hennessy Road, you will find a number of seemingly angry old women thrashing bits of paper with shoes and stamping on the pavement.Few travellers consider renting cars, since parking spaces are such a pain to find, and expensive.But this is a fun option if you plan to head out of the urban centres – particularly in the New Territories./ photo: Vijay Verghese BRISTLING with cloud-tickling skyscrapers and sartorially keen investment bankers – not all leaping out of tall buildings fortunately, as there is money to be made in this energetic metropolis – Hong Kong has always been much more than a business hub.