Hotmail updating my address book

You did that in the previous step, which is why you’ll see two different accounts in the Accounts menu that actually represent the same Google Account.

The setup for a Google Apps account is the same as if you’re adding a regular Gmail.

Would you like to import and save contacts permanently on 123Greetings Address Book? - Click on import and save contacts link and all your contacts will get imported to Address Book. Import contacts from other websites: You can import contacts from other websites like Yahoo!

In the meantime, we’ve written up a quick guide to help you get things set up right.This entire process will take 10-15 minutes max, and it will save you a lot of confusion later. If you’re an, Yahoo, or Hotmail user, don’t worry – we’ll help you out in a future blog post.Is there a way I can make my own Contacts folder the default?When you use Outlook without an Exchange Account, the default address list when bringing up the Address Book and when pressing the To, Cc or Bcc buttons is your Contacts folder.- Simply, enter the details of the contacts and click on “Add” button. Import from system cookies: If you have used the same machine to send ecards in the past, you might have some contacts in your system cookies. Import contacts from CSV (Comma Separated Values) file: You can import contacts from CSV file by following these instructions: - Login to 123Greetings Connect.

You can import those contacts by following these instructions. - In card sending page you will get an option “N contacts were found in your computer. - Go to My Address Book tab and click the () icon present in the “Import Contacts” box located in right hand side of the page.

Add Manually: You can manually add contacts to your Address book by following these instructions: - Login to 123Greetings Connect. Next time when you visit our website to send ecards, the contact details of the receivers will be displayed in the Address Book.

- Go to My Address Book tab, on the right hand side you will see “Add Contacts” form. If you want to import all then click on “Check All” option. - Once all the contacts are imported a friend request will be sent to them.

When I bring up the Address Book in Outlook, by default it shows our internal list.

However, I work a lot more with my business contacts in my Contacts folder.

As you consider, it’s important to note that, on your i Phone, you can easily connect an email account .