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At other times his hand would move between her legs, admiring her well shaved lady bits, or dipping a finger into her very moist entrance.

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Jonathan turned back and said, "You better hurry, my door is over here! While this was happening, he quickly loosened his tie, undone his shirt, followed by his belt.

In moments he stood before her naked as well, with his erection pointing upwards and leaking. " Vicki declared, "Larger than I expected..." Jonathan again approached her, this time however he went straight for Vicki's chest. When he placed his face on her wrinkled nipple, latching on tightly... While he worshipped her breasts with his mouth, Jonathan's hand roamed Vicki's body, squeezing, first her hips, than her ass cheeks.

With everyone facing the elevator door, Jonathan began to tease Vicki.

First it was a hand squeezing her hip, which then slid to her ass.

Jonathan grabbed Vicki's coat, and turned to run; he however caught a glimpse of her brown coloured nipple, and stopped in his tracks. " Vicki said, trying to snatch her coat back, and then stopping to hold her breasts from slipping out of her dress. Vicki began laughing as she used a hand to hold up the front of her dress. Arriving at the door, Vicki saw that it was shut, and kicked the door swearing again. Her breasts were bigger than he had expected, with areola's the same deep brown colour he had stolen a glance at earlier.

That was all the time Jonathan needed; he dashed down the hallway, his long powerful legs propelling him away from Vicki in a few strides. She tried in vain to catch Jonathan as quickly as her heels would allow. Jonathan scanned his card, opened the door, and disappeared. A door opened and a man put his head out and shushed loudly at Vicki. Jonathan whistled, which made Vicki blush a deeper shade of red.In his thirty-eight years he had gotten used to sleeping alone, it appeared that tonight would be no different. "I'm here to..." He said before she interrupted him again.Sighing, he finished his drink and turned around to order another. "Forget that question, let's talk about something aside from work... Jonathan looked her in the eyes while she said that, and he noticed the redness for the first time.While they sat and laughed, Jonathan noticed that she touched him almost constantly. "I need to plug this in my room, I'm on call this evening, would you like to finish this bottle upstairs? "Yes I'd love to." She replied, giving his knee a squeeze. They both moved apart in time for an elderly couple to step into the elevator, Jonathan quickly tucked her underwear into his pocket, trying his hardest to look innocent.First it was a hand on an arm, later a touch on the cheek, and even at one point, she touched his copper coloured hair, saying the it was both 'unusual and amazing'. Once in the elevator, all pretence of conversation was forgotten, the two of them embraced quickly, kissing like newlyweds. Vicki elbowed him and pointed, indicating they were still on the first floor.That very morning it was forty Degrees Celsius when he boarded his flight, yet upon landing here it was cold, windy, raining and thirteen. "Very impressive." She replied with a smile, "Your accent isn't too bad." "Thanks, I figured that I should learn some French for my visit here." He said laughing.