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"I know it happens sometimes." "Two times this month," Mike reminded her, as if she wasn't fully aware.

Mike rolled off of Cheryl and the couple faced each other on their sides.

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I think that even after five years -- six years if you count our engagement -- there might still be a lot more that we could learn, more that we could experience. And last summer, at your uncle's lake house, remember how we screwed each other in the water?

Maybe we need to experiment a little." "What are you talking about?! " "What I'm saying is, maybe there's a better way to do anal, or whatever. Cheryl took another deep breath and said, "I'm saying that I feel like I need to learn things that you haven't taught me. I've been thinking about this for quite a while, but I love you too much to screw around on you." Mike sat up, gritted his teeth, and stated succinctly, "So you're asking for my permission for you to go out and fuck somebody else!

But secretly, she was wishing at that moment that he was, in bed at least, stronger and more virile.

Cheryl wondered to herself whether she was responsible for her husband's erectile dysfunction.

Everybody said 19 was too young, but we loved each other and we wanted to get married. And we're still in love." "Yes, and I'll always love you, for better or worse," Cheryl said as she leaned her head down to give Mike a peck on the lips.

"You know, when it comes to sex, you're the only guy that I've ever been with, and as far as I know, you've never made love with anyone but me." Mike smiled widely and said, "I've never wanted to be with anyone but you." Cheryl was about to talk, but she paused and thoroughly thought about what more she wanted to say. "So, all we know about sex is what we've learned together.She thought that perhaps she was doing something wrong in the love-making department.Regardless of the cause, they were both too young for this. " Mike was certain there was nothing wrong with his male anatomy.Mike couldn't help but question what kind of man he was.Any other man in bed with a gorgeous 24-year-old blonde, squeezing his dick with her warm and juicy vagina, would have no problem consummating the act. Gazing into Cheryl's eyes again, Mike said, "I'm sorry baby." The young husband and wife brought their lips to meet in a kiss.His beautiful wife's urging didn't make matters any better. Mike was distracted by his wife's words, and thoughts of "what's wrong with me?