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Consistent with studies one and two, “interracial daters were rated as more physically attractive than intraracial daters” (p. As dating and mating, particularly the mate selection process, are complicated, this study informs an under-studied research area.Although their study focused on interracial relationships, the authors noted that their sample was limited as it “was comprised largely of Asians, Hispanics, and Caucasians” (p. Uniquely, in interpreting their findings, the authors speculated that “our results offer an alternative explanation of biracial individuals’ documented attractiveness” (p. Additional studies will help us better understand how perceptions of attractiveness and mate value/selection operate. The sweetness of forbidden fruit: Interracial daters are more attractive than intraracial daters. There will be a small amount of "pure" blacks and whites but most of the population will be "mixed." If you don't like it tough. First of all Brazil is not race problem free, if that's what you are implying.Americans certainly maintain individual racial issues, but, when it comes to interracial couples, we, overall, are more respectful of personal choices than we are given credit for.

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(7) Previous research has demonstrated a link between genetic diversity and facial attractiveness, with women rating men with greater diversity in a set of genes critical to immune system function to be more attractive. I am a biologist and I have never heard of any organism appearing to try and commit suicide of their own sub species.

(8) On the topic of physical attraction, a number of studies have shown that children of mixed ancestry are perceived to be more attractive than those who are born of same-race relationships. I think my wife's family and culture is amazing and I do think it will be sad that it will not exist in 100 year but I think China, India and Africa will be much the same.

(9) Evolutionary psychologists suggest that this increased attractiveness relates to greater genetic fitness in these individuals. A little similarity goes a long way: the effects of peripheral but self-revealing similarities on improving and sustaining interracial relationships. In conclusion, I think the study should mention that it is most likely European countries (and former colonies) that will experience this.

It is known that greater genetic variation is associated with reduced incidence of certain diseases – cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs disease and hemophilia – all which can occur when an individual inherits two copies of the relevant defective gene. Predicting behavior during interracial interactions: a stress and coping approach. I think interracial relationships are the future, but it makes me a bit sad because we'll lose what makes us unique. If I have children they'll probably be less indigenous than am I, and so on and so on until my lineage would no longer be Native American.

There have been a number of theories put forward to explain this phenomenon, based on social status, racial and gender stereotypes, and height differences. Whites' lay theories of racial bias predict divergent strategies for interracial interactions. This is quite different to Chinese people and I think most people around the word.

(5,6) One compelling explanation for this gender asymmetry relates to facial attractiveness, with white women rating black male faces as the most attractive, and white men rating Asian female faces as most attractive. Sort of a European death wish, biologically speaking.

Follow me on Twitter @The Real Dr Sean for more research-based relationship and communication commentary. In fact, many countries, especially European ones, smugly like to believe that have no racism "like America", but the reality is very different.

Secondly, I think "race mixing" in America will go surprisingly smooth.

In study one, 245 individuals (average age of 21.78 years old) who were either dating interracially or intraracially were asked to rate themselves on a list of positive attributes as well as provide estimates of their own partner’s assessments.

These attributes pertained to categories including (e.g., “sexy, physically attractive, well groomed/stylish”).

Eve, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Taye Diggs, Idina Menzel, Heidi Klum, Seal and others have all been prominent figures involved in interracial relationships (though the end of the list begins to evoke images of divorce, you get the idea).