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The authors believe that the policies advocated by the Councilon Foreign Relations, and being carried out by CFR members inhigh positions in the Government, are not in the best interests ofthis nation.

However, it should be remembered that the Council on Foreign Relations is composed of 1400 members, persons of high prominencein industry, education and communications .

The result may possibly be that this book will displease not only the Bolsheviks, but also those equally fanatical anti-Bolsheviks who believe that Lenin and Trotsky lead lives of phenomenal debauchery, that cannibalism is common in Moscow, that all Russian women have been nationalized, that the Red Army is composed of Letts and Chinese who have to be driven into action by means of whips and machine-guns, and that anyone who disputes these facts is a Bolshevik himself.

I really hate Bolshevism as much as these people do, but I also hate Propaganda in so far as that word means the selection of all the facts supporting a certain theory, and the deliberate suppression of all the facts which tell against that theory, or vice versa. Robert Mills The North Central Association's Outcomes Accreditation (OA) model has generated ` considerable interest among Michigan educators.

This brochure attempts to answer some of the questions which have been raised about the NCA's Outcomes Accreditation (OA) model.

Accreditation System from USSR for SC 1987 The CFR's Plan to : Destroy America's National Sovereignty Subvert the U. Constitutionvia NATO and the ATLANTIC COMMUNITYPut the U. under Control of a Socialist-Dominated World Government The purpose of this book is to present, by direct quotations, theviews of the leading figures in the Council on Foreign Relationsand how such views are now affecting the Foreign Policy of the United States.

"Dare the Schools Build a New Social Order", 1932, Prof. Counts, important American educator and supporter of all things communist, especially Soviet education, says on page 28: "that the teachers should deliberately reach for power and then make the most of their conquest is my firm belief." A New and Revised Edition... 33 deg., author of "The History of Freemasonry,""Lexicon of Freemasonry," "A Text-book of Masonic Jurisprudence," "Symbolism of Freemasonry,", etc., etc.

An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and its Kindred Sciences comprising the Whole Range of Arts, Sciences and Literature as connected with the Institution, by Albert G. The Don Bell Reports are of enormous importance for persons interested in the unvarnished truth (history) of the promotion of socialism in the United States.

THE STORY OF A BRITISH OFFICER CAPTURED IN SIBERIAI Attempt in the following pages to give some account of my experiences among the Bolsheviks from January to April of the year 1920.

My story is neither Propaganda for Bolshevism nor Propaganda against it .

Extensive Agreement to end the digital divide: put computers in third world countries. Includes statement: "Whereas Microsoft supports the objectives of UNESCO as stipulated in UNESCO's Constitution". Capt Schuyler to Colonel Barrows War Dept Siberia-1919 The late Maureen Heaton's manuscript of "The Impossible Dream" which has never been widely disseminated.

Up-to-date paper by well-known researcher, Bernadine Smith, on attack on national security, private gun possession, sovereignty, Bill of Rights (9/11) due to 1962 Arms Control and Disarmament Act and recent updated legislation. Heaton was a first-class patriot who spent every day of her life for at least forty years researching the development of the Soviet system of management which was piloted first in California, aka PPBS, and is now being used by every governmental agency at every level for total control of the citizenry.

“Their relationship, at the point that we’re reading it, is very intellectual and they’re clearly struggling with each other,” Andra Gillespie, an associate professor of political science at Emory University, told the .