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MORE: Why Tai Chi Is As Good For You As Cross Fit “People like it, and they came,” says Salmoriago-Blotcher.

Unlike other forms of exercise, including working out on a treadmill and even yoga, tai chi is non-striving, says Salmoriago-Blotcher, meaning there is no set goal or pose that needs to be reached: just moving for the sake of moving.

By its nature, people who practice tai chi “are not going anywhere, and not wanting to achieve [physical goals],” she says.

The study didn’t include enough people to see if it changed their fitness levels and other measures of metabolic health, for example.

But getting previously inactive people to move more is the first hurdle, says Salmoriago-Blotcher.

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We gathered these here to make it easy to share NVC with your Twitter followers and your Facebook friends.After six months, the differences were more pronounced.Not only were the people in the more intensive group practicing tai chi more often, but they were also doing more physical activity outside of their sessions, such as riding their bikes and climbing up and down stairs in their homes that they were afraid to use before.“We tell people to just do it without thinking about goals.They should just enjoy the movement and the practice.” Tai chi is also customizable.Salmoriago-Blotcher is hoping to study tai chi further in heart attack survivors by upping the intensity and seeing, through heart rate monitors, if that actually helps improve their physical fitness.