california law for minors dating adults Is brett lawrie dating paige brendel

She’s a model/actress (well, aren’t they all) that showcases many of her life events through social networks.Kim has a great smile and attitude and you can tell by her time on television that she likes to have fun. Ryan Braun might have made some bad decisions when it comes to PED use, but there was nothing wrong with his decision to propose to the stunning, Larisa Fraser.Barry Zitomight just be the luckiest man in baseball.

He really was reaching for the stars when he snagged her.This 5’7” blonde bombshell was a squad leader that served the DCC for five seasons.Molly has a spunky personality and can have fun on any photo shoot.And we have to say she can look good in a skimpy bikini as well.A graduate from Arizona State University, Paige has now boarded the modelling scene and we can easily see why.

Paige’s blue eyes make you melt and if that doesn’t do the trick, she’s got two perky cannons that can knock you right out.

She’s also spent time being the face of American Eagle, Tommy Hilfiger and Levi’s.

Hannah’s not your big-boob in your face pin-up, but she will get your attention with those striking eyes.

Anne works as a Victoria Secret model, which is a quick jump in the dating circle for a young pitcher like Harvey.

He clearly has a lot going for him and we hope that he’s got something left for the Mets after Anne wraps her long legs around him.

Brooke Sorenson is the beautiful wife of outfielder Laynce Nix.