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FULL POST Just last week, I had the privilege of standing with Sen.

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Access to the Internet and social media websites mean kids can be bullied and tormented around the clock, even in the supposed safety of their own homes.The cruelty that can come with the strike of a button on a keyboard can hurt just as much as any punch or push in a playground. Brandon Turley didn't have friends in sixth grade.As you can see in"The Bully Effect," they were victims who are now inspirations and advocates for others suffering in silence.There has been a remarkable outpouring of support and responses to the documentary.Every child deserves to go to school and grow up in a safe environment, free from threats and harassment.

FULL POST A red-faced Gordon Ramsay gets nose-to-nose with an older man and shouts, "Wake up! In the last few years, awareness about bullying has increased dramatically." He calls another chef's food "rotten." He reduces a middle-aged woman to hysterical tears. He calls people "stupid" and "disgusting pigs." His entire performance is based on sharp criticism and what some may argue is bullying-type behavior. Nightmarish behavior is the stuff reality TV shows are made of. Tami Roman on VH1's "Basketball Wives" calls her friends "bitches" and physically attacks one of them in front of a fancy Miami restaurant. K.'s version of "The Apprentice" found it depicted 85 aggressive acts an hour. While some adults may still think bullying is just a youthful rite of passage, more and more parents, educators and kids understand that bullying today is worse than in previous generations.And all that's just in the opening credits of "Kitchen Nightmares." For the next hour of the British culinary icon's popular reality TV series, there is little in the way of praise or pats on the back for the chefs he's coaching. It doesn't stop at the school yard or even a child's front door.Bullying for me was violent and, at times, terrifying. In the early days of making the film, it was about validating the experience for myself and for others who have experienced the humiliation and sadness of being a victim.Now, the key question is how do we tap into the momentum the film has generated to create lasting, positive change?FULL POST In anticipation of tonight's documentary, "The Bully Effect," we've heard from many of you on Facebook and Twitter and AC360