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Her parents had other plans: Mother Mc Auley Liberal Arts High School, a moneyed, ultraconservative Catholic girls school across town.

Instead, to hear her tell it, Mc Carthy's life has been more like a Jackie Collins novel.

The second of four look-alike sisters, she was raised in a "very middle, middle class" Polish neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago.

coal.' "Free at last, Mc Carthy headed for Southern Illinois University. "Usually they're crowded around me and pressing up against me," she says, "and it's so hot. "The guys all wanted to be reincarnated into me." She pauses.

After two years she ran out of money and tearfully returned home to work in a Polish grocery store, "slicing meat and smelling like a big Polish link." "I've got to get out of here," she thought. "There's no way you will ever model," said one rep. "Although from the girls I got the same vibes as guys."Understand that the reason most people are here is that it is fun.

"You look like you work in a bar." Dejected, Mc Carthy started for home. "I was walking down the street," Mc Carthy says, "and I looked up."The Playboy building.s third season are being taped, the room is seething, boiling with kids. " A group duly rises – among them a Teva-sandaled surfer dude, a recently goateed Hootie fan and a sullen cool guy with an interesting sunglasses-on-baseball-cap ensemble."OK! Only about half of the winners actually go on dates.

They're here to compete for a date with a member of the opposite sex, known as the Picker. ("Yesterday a girl was about to face her date," says Mc Carthy, "and she was whispering, ' Is he cute?

"But there are times when I'm like, ' I gotta get out.' Then we go to Vegas, and we'll gamble." She turns toward the office. "A 40ish man with a deep tan and a passing resemblance to Ted Danson zips into the room.

Ray Manzella has managed Suzanne Somers, Vanna White, Pamela Anderson Lee and, as of two years ago, Jenny Mc Carthy.

He has the qualities she looks for in a man: "sense of humor, mature in thought, no game playing, a strong spirit. People in this town go to restaurants and act really stuck up, where we'll be in a fancy restaurant and he'll start singing really loud.

And ever since we got to know each other's souls and stuff, there's been no age gap."Shockingly, Mc Carthy has basically had three boyfriends in her life – one of whom she was engaged to.

The "Picker" would then "Keep" the candidate or "Dump" him or her.