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Perhaps the limitations of the genre don’t allow her to communicate the nuance, sensitivity, and charity that characterize her fiction.What she does is put the reader in position to understand how Voldemort got to be so bad.

Yet we’ll never likely be able to “catch” a particle of dark energy as scientists are striving to do with dark matter.That’s because dark energy is – most likely – just the energy inherent to space, itself, perhaps arising from Quantum foam, composed of virtual particles that flit in and out of existence.The whole ZIRP and QE game, for instance, can be boiled down to a basic wish to get something for nothing, that is, prosperity where nothing of value is created. Until the economics wardrobe team comes in and dresses it up in martingales and bumrolls of metaphysics and you end up in a contango of mystification.More galling and worrisome, though, is the failure of anyone even remotely in authority to stand up and publically object to the tidal wave of lies washing over this dying polity, actually killing it softly with truthinesslessness.The more central bankers intervene in price discovery mechanisms, the more unable to reflect reality all markets will become.

The more that the US BLS lies about the employment picture in America, the worse will be the eventual wrath of citizens who can’t get paid enough to heat their houses and feed their children.However, this observed value, known as the cosmological constant, isn’t remotely close to that which is predicted by the time-tested quantum field theory. She takes nothing away from the evil he chooses to pursue, nor does she make the reader delight in his wickedness. In her fiction, Rowling treats even Voldemort sympathetically. Whatever the case, there’s a chasm between what she writes in her novels and what she tweets.So when they discovered a female shark measuring a whopping 18 feet, they knew this creature had to be incredibly old.