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The former walk-on quarterback will have a chance to compete for the starting job this spring. Pull new coach Paul Pasqualoni aside and fire up that video.After all, we’ve come to learn the kid can make every throw possible.“He’s always had a very nice arm, a strong arm, he was always accurate,” Thomas said “but we never did that at practice messing around like that.” Mc Entee only started at quarterback his senior season because he was behind three-year starter Dan Klein who received scholarship offers from Cal and Washington State, but chose to play baseball at UCLA where he’s currently the team’s closer.In Mc Entee’s only year as a starter, Servite won their league and reached the semifinals of the playoffs, with Johnny combining for 11 touchdowns, including four rushing which Thomas termed an underrated part of his game.The idea to film the video was all Mc Entee’s, and it came after Johnny saw Lady Husky Caroline Doty’s shooting video.

Campbell said the hardest shots to get were the ones where he “hit the two uprights and the crossbar while balancing the ball on his right foot and the final shot — the long range one in Gampel.” Just to confirm, these shots were every bit as difficult as they looked — the deep throw in Gampel Pavilion where the basketball team plays “took at least 20-30 minutes because it’s about a 70 yard throw and his arm started to get a little sore” Campbell told us.Mc Entee is a redshirt junior and one of six quarterbacks on UConn’s roster, and by far the most famous Huskies quarterback to never have thrown a pass in a live game.Last week, he posted his trick shot video on You Tube and it instantly went viral, surpassing four million views in less than a week. Subscribers to the print edition of The Danbury Review are automatically eligible for a free account.Register and your account will be activated as soon as your inf ormation is verified.First off, to all you conspiracy theorists, both Mc Entee and Campbell have confirmed that everything in the video is real — there was no digital editing when balls left the screen, unlike these trick shots.