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However, codes should not have meaning that is misleading to a consumer.If a plant is using "codes" that appear to be dates, it should revise its coding system or apply the proper use of calendar dating in accordance with 9 CFR 381.129(c).For example, we believe that “051305” and “May1305” do not represent codes but calendar dates that should be identified properly.A Julian date of “13305” (133Please tell us how we can make this answer more useful.Perfect for primary and secondary packaging, including barcodes.

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A code or code date should be information that has meaning to the manufacturing or packing plant for tracking purposes of a product, specifically, a means of identification of product slaughtered, prepared, processed, or packaged on a certain date in the case of a recall.

If the code links to a production date, that is sufficient; that is actually the purpose of the code to identify the date of production or a lot from a specific date.

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