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Sneak up on the dog, and then clear out the rest of the floor.

Before doing anything else, head to the far left side and hit the button to open a shortcut back to the first floor.

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Turn right to find the Banker Passageway Safe Room.

After gathering your team together, take a double right and make your move down the long hallway.

(You currently have no reason to go up them.) Head into the main room, which will look pretty familiar.

Clear out the guards here and then head behind the tellers. Head back out into the main room, and walk to the left.

The action director liked to arrange all the scenes and the details on-set. But I don't think Asian people get very good roles in Hollywood. This must be a great time to be working in Asian cinema with internationally acclaimed films like Old Boy and lots of Hollywood interest in Asian films... But I have noticed that I get more letters from people in non-Asian countries than I used to...

So everyday we'd go on set and wait for him to come in and see what he wanted to do. I think that the cinema industry in mainland China has really opened up and all of Hollywood and Europe wants to go into that market. House Of Flying Daggers is released in UK cinemas on Friday 26th December 2004.

Crawl through the vent in front of you and then jump into the basement.

After Kaneshiro makes a quick announcement to his goons, head through the right side door and down the hall.

Examine it, and then crawl through the cave hidden beneath.

Head through the secret passage, and take a right around the stairs.

In House Of Flying Daggers you play a very intensive role. In this movie I needed to learn the basics of using a sword. The only things we could learn were the basic moves like this and this [he demonstrates a few simple blocks and parries]. I guess you don't want to go down in history as the man who hurt Andy Lau, do you? After finishing this big-budget Chinese epic would you be interested in working in Hollywood, or do you prefer to remain in Asia?