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Gaurav alleged that his wife used to hit him and push him when they got into an argument.

Total children (0-6) in Sambhal city are 34,279 as per the records of Census India report on 2011. The children form 15.49% of total population of Sambhal City. These institutions constitute a class of schools or intermediate (pre-university) colleges that are governed by mandates and under guidance of apex education body of state government i.e. There is the 70% majority of Muslims but all festivals are celebrated peacefully.There are other popular temples as well like Punjabi Mandir, Bankhandan ka Mandir, Raisatti ka Mandir, Sai Baba mandir, Chawhatteshwar Mandir, Maskan-E-Yaqub etc. On the occasion of Muharram, a large gathering of Muslims and other casts or religion make participation in Azadari whether they are sunni or shia and belong to other community.Chauhan gained victory over the latter in the first war and vice versa is said to have occurred in the second war.There nevertheless is no circumstantial evidence to prove the same and is widely regarded as a legend.Average literacy rate of Sambhal city is 49.51 percent, of which male literacy was 52.27 percent and female 46.45 percent.

The sex ratio of Sambhal city is 9 males and child sex ratio of girls is 9 boys. The are: In spite of being a Muslim dominated area, the city is multicultural.

When I would refuse, she would beat me.┬ŁGaurav said Tripti had complained that he, his father, mother, sisters and brothersin-law had gone to her Kanpur house to kill her.

Based on her complaint, the police arrested his parents and he had to get them released after filing a plea in the court.

Gaurav (32) has been working with Wipro for six years as a technical consultant.

He has taken a temporary transfer to the Gurgaon office, to fight the case, which has been filed by his wife in the Kanpur Magistrate's court.

After the previously mentioned empires had collapsed, it was then the turn of the Mughals to stake a claim in the offerings of Sambhal as a place that was most suited to be the capital of their empire.