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Her recommendation: Show up a little early for group gatherings, and plan to stay a little late afterward.

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War buddies When you become a mom, your world turns upside 7 p.m.” When you’re not around other moms, you’re likely to think breastfeeding struggles or colic issues are limited to just you or just your baby.

Where the moms are After my husband returned to work, I packed my baby up and headed out to find my people.

It’s a delicate dance of text messages, talks over coffee, and if you’re lucky, a shared playgroup.

You’ve heard the saying misery loves company, right?If your boyfriend always suggests going to some isolated places or staying indoor and watching a movie, then he might be married.If he is married he might not meet you at weekends. He avoids the subject of marriage to hide the truth.A married man always avoids public places because there are many people who might know him.As a heads up, breastfeeding, diapering and sleep arrangements are the religion and politics of early parenthood—it’s generally best to avoid discussing them early on in a relationship.