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It’s a lovely, often suspenseful tale, and is tackled superbly by Cuarón, who hasn’t approached the film as if it is just for kids, instead directing and delivering a film that is just as enjoyable for grown-ups as younger viewers. There are some war scenes that younger viewers may find upsetting.

Also, the theme of the film – a child possibly losing her father, amongst other girls in similar situations, etc may upset younger children, making this more suitable for the over 8s.

Quite a bit of the pure sociological data suggests that the 80 million of us born between 19 are narcissistic, lazy, and optimistic to the point of being delusional – it’s enough to make me want to delete that selfie!

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Adapting a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, also the author of The Secret Garden, the film shifts the story's setting to World War I.

10 year-old Sara Crewe (Liesel Matthews) has been left in a respected New York City boarding school while her British father heads overseas to fight.

We want our work to have meaning for ourselves and the world, and we place a higher value on consumer goods that have some sort of beneficial social or environmental impact.

Climate change is not a debate for us, and we probably still nag our parents about separating the trash from the recycling.

Impact Assets recently authored this excellent Issue Brief ( Aobt) outlining many of the attitudes of millennial investors.

There is little doubt in my mind that the plethora of studies on Millennials, and particularly the way they intend to invest their money, will continue to multiply, for underpinning nearly every report is one essential, ubiquitous fact: Millennials will inherit over trillion from the baby boomers in North America alone.

To add anecdotes to data, my own motivations as a millennial investor stem from a few formative experiences that fundamentally shaped my worldview.

I grew up in a very wealthy family, but one that valued hard work and giving back.

Like many who inherit wealth they did not create, I view my role as a steward – though I may be making decisions regarding its management, this wealth is not “mine”.

Confused and curious, I decided to start reading and traveling.

I read Amartya Sen while volunteering in India, Jeffrey Sachs and Muhammad Yunus while working at a microfinance institution in Tanzania.