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A study on correlates of personality disorders conducted by clinical psychologist Joshua Miller and colleagues confirms this violent aspect of BPD.They had students fill in self-measures of personality disorders as well as other measure of for instance crime and violence.

But what if that same applicant informed the human resource person that they were diagnosed schizophrenic and were on medication because they hear voices?

So what is it about mental illness that we find so awful?

As expected, they found that crime was most strongly associated with psychopathy (which is a dimensional trait that to some extent can be found in the normal population).

Also as expected, borderline was linked to self-harm.

Borderlines can often come across as poor and misunderstood – perhaps because they genuinely feel that way – and being vulnerable they hardly evoke any fear in others.

Their melodramatic gestures are sometimes pathetic or tragic, but again, nothing that will scare anyone. Emo Despite of the soap opera-type behavior found in psychiatric literature, between 25-50 percent of people with borderline are boys and men, and males who are angry, jealous and hateful tend to be dangerous.Of offenders who had committed both sexual and non-sexual violent crime half were antisocials and a third were borderlines as compared to third most common category of narcissistic disorder at a mere 3 percent.Given that borderline is rare in the general population, around 1-2 percent, it’s clear that these individuals are very violent. Maybe it’s just because they are so fragile and look more like victims than perpetrators.“She’ll be sorry.” The Predator Most people are familiar with the characteristics of violent men, either by first-hand experience or through news and true crime books and TV shows.We all know what they look like: fearless, callous, thrill- and pleasure seeking guys who take what they want and who get easily frustrated if someone gets in their way.The Hidden Threat So it seems the borderline personality is a large and rather hidden threat to women (and probably some men too although women are usually less violent). Pointing the finger at these guys may feel like kicking on someone w-ho is already lying down.