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The biosphere collapses and dies as human industrial growth overruns natural ecosystems and climate.

Yet free thought and speech – even when challenging, or even offensive and in bad-taste – are the underpinning of liberty. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin, 1755 “We may be different races and religions but we are all part of the same human...It is known scientifically that the Earth System, or Gaia if you will, is organized and functions similarly to other scales of biology, including organisms and old-growth forests.Together as a society we choose to embrace an agro-ecology ethic that governs our relationship with our food and the natural world or we face the coming climate anarchy including mass famine, needless societal and economic collapse, horrendous...Nothing really seems to matter much when your Planet is needlessly collapsing and dying.Big important ideas to base your life upon are in short supply.

Pretty much god myths, stuff, and tribes are all we got. Gaia, the living biosphere, is infested with humans.Glen Barry, [email protected] 30, 2016 (New York, New York) – Eco Internet – aggregator of rainforest, climate, and environmental news since 1989 – is pleased... Everywhere we look inequitable over-consumption is devastating the natural ecosystems that sustain a living Earth.Together we yield to ecological truth – personally embracing a global ecology ethic, and demanding others do so...Gaia is a self-regulating, reproducing life-form, and as such is...Given long-predicted and self-evident abrupt climate change and ecosystem collapse, and resultant perma-war and rise of fascism, despite decades of scientific warnings which went unheeded; will you now listen to science, embrace an ecology ethic, and act to...Humanity’s one shared biosphere that makes Earth habitable is collapsing and dying as industrial growth overruns natural ecosystems and climate; as we have utterly failed to embrace our dependence upon each other and nature for our well-being and...