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But I doubt that they are really interested, more like they are desperate.The male osprey is the one who probably has the greatest desire to maintain the territory, so my bet would go for him to win out in the end.", "error_birth_day_invalid": "Please enter a valid birth day!

", "error_birth_year_required": "Birth year is required! ", "error_birth_year_invalid": "Please enter a valid birth year!", "error_country_required": "You have not specified your country!In the meantime, feel free to keep tabs on our osprey-cam to follow the remarkable action yourself!var login Language Array = { "language": { "error_email_required": "Please enter your email address.", "error_email_invalid": "Your email address is invalid.Among our guests’ favorite features here at Ocean’s Reach is our osprey-cam, providing a bird’s eye view of our favorite feathered friends as they return annually to make their home on Sanibel Island.

We’ve long enjoyed watching a family of resident Osprey at the resort.Adolpho captured this video the other day showing their aerial attacks.The odds are highly unlikely that the eagles will ultimately nest here, as they typically like to be 70-80 feet high in a much more shaded and secluded area.If you like to activate your account please contact the Loves Flirt support team", "error_email_empty": "Please enter your email address.Make sure it is an active email address that you check regularly!With that being said, however, the eagles have visited daily for several weeks now, using the Ocean’s Reach nesting platform as a place to perch and eat.