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It is a fake synthetic ugly plastic smell that could be liberally called leather. Leathery and musky, not as outrageous as i expected but a beautiful scent. I like it, and it's very well blended, but it's not so insanely different from anything I've smelled before.I find that the leather takes on a rather rubbery chemical smell, one that is reminiscent of petroleum fuel.

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I bought this blind, and it's much sweeter than I'd expected.

I've been wearing it for more than 3 hours, and now it's a very close-to-the-skin scent, but quite detectable still.

It's less exciting on the whole - more of a standard, nice fall/winter frag.

The leather is present, but it certainly isn't the dominant note. It doesn't really remind me of a circus, as many have said.

That is so interesting, as it is so sweet on me, that it is literally sticky on my skin.

It is medicinal, caramel apple, and slightly leather.BB has a darker vibe and its leathery smokiness is much more pronounced.Black dries down to a cozy and sweet vanilla, but I don't get any vanilla from Dzing! It didn't even cross my mind that those two would be similar until I read about the comparisons. It doesn't project much after the first hour and I'd say the longevity is approx.That's just my perception, though; people experience scents in variable ways. 4 hours (I can get faint whiffs of it much longer, but only if I shove my nose into my arm, so it really doesn't count in my books). is a comfy fragrance and I quite enjoy wearing it every now and then, but it's not FBW to me (especially considering the price point and poor performance).Simply not special enough to be replaced when my decant runs out.I don't really pick up all the sugary things listed in the notes, though. Even though it *is* weird, it's not as weird as I thought it was going to be. This is definitely a work of or hate it, it won't be denied. Lets just say I never loved cold weather and rain as much as I do now. Four sprays and it's practically a skin scent within an hour. I have to admit a bias, Olivia Giacobetti can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned!