Living at home with parents and dating

It also shows that the decline in the ‘average’ family size is slowing.

The number of families with children increased by 28,455 to 862,721.

The most important reason for independent living is to save the travelling time to work.

Some 62,192 families had four or more children, and 4,352 had six or more.

The average number of children per family, which had been declining between 19, remained unchanged at 1.38 children.

It does not only save my time to travel for work but also from most of the places in Hong Kong.

In addition, I gain my personal space and freedom by independent living.

When I tell people about the idea of moving out, many people’s reaction is like, “what do your parents say?

” because they assume the parents would not like their children to leave them.“This profile report on Households and Families examines the family situations and living arrangements of the Irish population in April 2016,”senior statistician Deirdre Cullen said.“It provides a wealth of information and analysis on topics such as marital status, same sex civil partnerships and the different types and sizes of family composition and households”.Therefore you’ve got to be well prepared and save up for your bills.Although I find my transportation time much shorter, the saved time is spent on other things, such as cooking and some other household chores.Of one-parent families, most are headed by women and fathers in this family type tended to be older, with 68pc aged 50 years and above, compared with 38pc oif mothers.