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Travis’s green and black Kawasaki KX 250cc 2 stroke and Nikki’s orange and black KTM SX 250cc 2 stroke. Straddling the hot vinyl seat, feeling it vibrate between her legs as it warmed up, had Nikki feeling slightly wet beneath her pushed up skirt. ” she said happily over the whine of the engines. ” Travis shouted back and they took off, front wheel high off the ground.There was a web-work of wide dirt roads running out to the many pastures and to the kennels and house, creating amazing dirt bike tracks. Blaring through miles of track, wide open, nothing separating them from the world flying by them.Nikki looked at where he was staring and saw the tip of Bandit’s thick red dick standing about 2 inches out of his sheath. “Alright, lets get him cleaned up.” Vikki said and led him down the isle to one of the shower rooms.

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The barns were over a mile from the house, about half a mile from the kennels, over 5 miles from the nearest neighbor and far from prying eyes.

The ranch belonged to the Smith’s who were quite wealthy.

” Nikki asked “Sure.” Travis agreed and they left the barn.

Parked in the shade of the front of the barn were 2 dirt bikes.

It was a Saturday so the kennels were closed the adults were at a horse show and weren’t due back for at least 4 days.

Only a few older horses had come into the barn so there wasn’t much to do.The indoor kennel had 52 10X10 private, heated and air conditioned runs, 4 8X10 shower rooms with more jet options than anyone knew what to do with, and 3 10X10 puppy runs.The outdoor kennel had 32 50X10 covered chain-link runs set side-to-side and back-to-back for maximum socialization.Nikki had on an above mid thigh dark grey mini skirt, a thin white top and no bra.“Wanna ride over and see what Vikki’s getting into?Nikki and Travis were 14 with Vikki late in 13, all matured early (by 12 the girls, Nikki and Vikki, had large B’s and an ass 2 or 3 years ahead of there age).