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That's right, the Warwick Rowers have posted the 2018 calendar for sale, and we want one for every room of our homes.

Once the babysitter arrives they head for the dinner.

The scene cuts to the neighbors' house across the street where the lady is spying and her husband is trying to ignore her.

The nosy neighbor lady was sent to a psychiatrist by her husband.

When the time came for her to leave she started to leave, but Richard pushed past his – still mean spirited – wife, ran out the door, and told the man still pretending to be either a lawyer or social worker that they wouldn't be needing his services.

The British rowing club has been producing this calendar since 2009, and while we love the fact that it's made of extremely attractive guys wearing nothing but smiles, what's even better is the message behind it.

According to the Warwick Rowers site, the goals of the team's products are: The 2018 calendar is currently in its crowdfunding stage and available for preorder (for a discount!

), and you can purchase a standard copy for or various other options (like signed copies or prints) for additional prices.

We suggest you order yours now so you'll be ready to hang it up as soon as Jan.

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