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) by defeating Peyton’s psycho stalker turned hostage taker via cheerleading camp moves on prom night. Okay, there are two other words in season four that better highlight its strengths: “It’s you.” Yes, season four is when Peyton and Lucas finally get together FOR REAL and kiss under falling confetti after the Ravens win the state championship. The first season also does a great job of establishing two of the enduring relationships of the series: Nathan and Haley, who end up married by the season finale, and Nathan and Lucas, the reluctant brothers.Could a high-school soap opera be summed up in one scene any better than that? Sure, the acting leaves something to be desired, and some of the story lines err very close to teen show clichés, but both the kids and the show grow into it.

Lucas considers who he might be without basketball.

Peyton grapples with finding and then losing her birth mother.

But of course, this season will always be remembered for Lucas and Peyton doing what we’ve known was their destiny all along: getting hitched. Season 4 fan what season four’s most memorable moment is and they’ll reply with two words: Psycho Derek.

There are some stellar Lucas and Peyton scenes, especially as they deal with Peyton’s high-risk pregnancy. Sometimes I still can’t believe that Peyton and Brooke repair their broken friendship (love triangles, am I right?

In case you need a refresher (all nine seasons are currently streaming on Netflix, if you feel so inclined), is about half-brothers Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan (James Lafferty) Scott, who share a villainous father and not much else. Reading that sounds ridiculous, but, man, if you lived with it, you’re already feeling things.

Of course, the show was so much more than that: It was about surviving high school, true love, the one and only time teenagers getting married might work, the birth of our once and future queen Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush), and how if you try really, really hard, you too can have your very own psycho stalker.

Same goes for the idea of Haley running off to go on tour with Chris Keller. And the entire season ends with Dan being left for dead in his burning dealership — an incident that has serious repercussions.

You just got us onboard with two teens getting married, and now you tear them apart? So, the high-school drama of the show is a little slow moving, but the soap-opera drama is top-notch.

That episode aside, much of season nine is bogged down by, wait for it, a story line that involves Nathan getting kidnapped by cartoonish Eastern European mafiosos over a basketball player he tried to sign, that ends with Dan (Paul Johansson), CHRIS KELLER (Tyler Hilton), and Julian (Austin Nichols) putting together a rescue mission to find Nathan.

Okay, some of this was because James Lafferty only signed on for half a season, but … Even Clay (Robert Buckley) suffering a fugue state only to realize he’s forgotten he had a son who he erased from his memory six years ago is easier to swallow than that.

There’s no way in hell a queen like Brooke Davis would ever fall for an idiot like Felix, and nothing will convince me otherwise.